Thursday, February 7, 2008

Online poll

Colin spent some time talking about God's overall vision for his creation and his people, and how our church vision and our personal vision should come under that. With this in mind I've set up a little online poll with the question - to what extent do you feel you have a well formed personal vision? I'll let you know that I personally struggle with this. There are lots of things I do, and stuff I can capable of doing, but I'm not sure I'd be able to articulate it into a coherent vision. Definitely something I'm praying about, and one of the reasons I found Colin's talk so provoking.


A learner blogger said...

I found Colin's talk on Vision practical and honest. I was encouraged to start writing my own story. I also find myself asking how does what I am doing or plan to do fit in with God's vision - This is really helpful for me - as I used to find myself walking around in confusion most of the time!

Jane Graves said...

Yes, it was great to get a grip on God's 'story', puts everything into perspective, and gives a baseline to check activity and vision against.

Personally, I know what God wants me to do at the moment, but its hard to see an overall picture!


Elaine said...

I had never really thought of the persistant and consistant nature of God's vision...what did Colin call it????? Grand narrative...can't quite remember. But I was struck that God doesn't change His mind, this is so encouraging when I consider visions that I have responded to, felt the spirit within me resonate to, but have then experinced a bit of a detour or a meander through the wilderness away from the vision....obviously just need to hang on in there..